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Third Party Payor Healthcare Recovery Claims

Hundreds of millions of dollars of unpaid medical bills are written off every year because good hospitals who treat all patients, regardless of their ability to pay, don’t have an efficient method to identify when a former patient with outstanding medical bills has sued or received payment by property and casualty insurers for their injury-related medical care.


Additionally, lower valued Medicaid claims are often paid when in fact the claims should have been collected from a private or commercial insurance carrier but were not because the related litigation was never discovered.

Romano Law Firm provides healthcare claim recovery services for hospitals and other healthcare providers for situations such as when; the patient is under insured, does not have insurance and although there was a responsible third party payor, the payor was not identified at the time of injury/treatment. 


Once a patient files a lawsuit stemming from injuries related to medical treatment, Romano Law Firm will file a medical lien (if warranted), contact the responsible party and/or the patient’s personal injury attorney and negotiate payment from the settlement funds on behalf of the medical provider.

Romano Law Firm works closely with software firms that specialize in matching healthcare claims and monetary settlements arising from related litigation through predictive analytics. Just because accounts have already been written-off no longer means that they cannot be recovered.


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